L.J. Mazzilli Begins His Professional Career Monday Night

With their fourth pick in the 2013 MLB Draft, the Mets selected L.J. Mazzilli, son of former Mets player Lee Mazzilli.

Mazzilli will start the season playing with the Brooklyn Cyclones, joining second year player Gavin Cecchini in the middle infield.

Mazzilli is an offensive minded second baseman who is a well-rounded player, although no tools will jump off the page at you. He he good speed, and decent gap-to-gap power. He is the type of player who can provide a spark with his bat, so look for Mazzilli to hit at the top of the order type hitter, probably settling into the No. 2 hole.

Mazzilli has a nice, short and compact swing which generates solid bat speed through the zone. There are some questions regarding his defense, which could ultimately determine if he is an everyday player some day, or a utility type guy. His range is excellent and is arm is solid for second base, so with his excellent baseball IQ, he should be able to work out any defensive inadequacies.

Due to his pedigree, his ability, and his work ethic, there is a better chance of Mazzilli making it to Flushing someday than there is of him washing out.


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