SNY Previews The New York Mets Outfield Prospects

Matt-Den-Dekker-catch-9072If you were watching the Mets take on the Braves last night on SNY, you probably saw the graphic displaying the top outfield prospects in the Mets’ farm system. Kevin Burkhardt also joined the booth, and gave his take on the situation down on the farm.

The players the graphic showed as the players in the outfield mix for the Mets in the future were Darrell Ceciliani, Travis Taijeron, Cesar Puello and Cory Vaughn. The list failed to list Matt den Dekker, although Burkhardt did mention his name.

Out of the names on that list, the player with a real shot at making an impact at the major league level is Cesar Puello. Ceciliani is a nice player, but he will probably be more of a fourth outfielder type. Taijeron has exploded onto the scene this year, but he still has to show he can perform against advanced level pitching. Cory Vaughn is a streaky type of player who will go through ups and downs.

Matt den Dekker is the closest to breaking bread with the big boys. This kid is a dynamite defender — a human highlight reel. Although there have been questions with regards to his offensive skill set, den Dekker can hold his own offensively at the major league level. The great thing about his offense during Spring Training was that that he seemed to come through for the team in clutch situations, which is great indicator that this kid can perform offensively in the major leagues.

If you add clutch hitting to go along with the mind blowing defense, you have a very dangerous player on your hands. If it wasn’t for his broken wrist, there is little doubt that den Dekker would be the starting centerfielder for the Mets right now.

When it comes to the outfield situation in the Mets farm system, Matt Den Dekker and Cesar Puello are atop the list. Travis Taijeron is still on the outside looking in, but has shown a ton of promise so far this season. Ceciliani and Vaughn would be better served as fourth outfielders.

Over the next week or so, don’t be surprised if you see some player movement, as the Mets may use some of those young power arms in their system to attract some major-league-ready talent in the outfield.


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